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The Phenomenon Cody Roak

Post  The Phenomenon Cody Roark on Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:27 pm

Wrestler Name: Cody Roark
Wrestler Nickname:"The Phenomenon"
Wrestler Level:9
Wrestler Type:Balanced
Wrestler Height:6'2
Wrestler Weight:234
Wrestler Age:25
Face or Heel:Face
Wrestler Attitude:Focused, Arrogant
Entrance Video:

Tag Team Partner in this fed:None
Tag Team Name in this fed:N/A
Willing to Tag:Yes
Faction Name in this fed:N/A
Wrestler's Style:High Flyer, Balanced
Wrestler's Origin:Grand Junction
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: Yes
Catch Phrase: Welcome To The C.R.. B****!

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