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Post  Admin on Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:38 pm

SIW Elements Collide Roster:
1) The Whole F''N Show
2) Party Marty
3) Zodiark
4) Rocketoil
6) Mrdoink
7) Kiwi Sullivan
8 ) Abiss
9) Wolf "The Austrian Berserker" Power
10) Cpt. Charisma
11) Zunga [Reloaded]
12) Psycho Effer
13) Twisted Angel
14) Jeff Hardy.
15) Zar MC
16) Master Flame
17) Budgreen
18 ) Masculado
19) Dado

Note: The SIW World, SIW Tag Team champs can appear on either show. The SIW United Champ will be on Global Conquest while SIW Superstar Champ will be on Elements Collide. Medos can also appear in any show. If the Tag Champs or World Champ loses their title then they'll go back to their default roster.


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