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Post  NekoWho on Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:35 pm

SIW: Global Conquest

2008-06-22 23:15

Welcome to SIW Global Conquest
Will plays with fire
Underbergers speech
Underberger VS D4rkAng3l
Clash of Continents
Kid America VS Mr.Austria
After America and Austria Match..
Knuti vs Dead End
Future stars
Young blood
You'll have a future here guys
Fabian Gorodzinsky vs Kid Buu
SIW Sponsors
The "Z" battle
Yeah right
STTGG vs Masculado
J.O faces a Sumo wrestler
Global Conquest End
Tickets Request: 4.825
Tickets Sold: 4.825
Tickets Income: 48.250 fantaeuros


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