Card for 15/06/08

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Card for 15/06/08

Post  NekoWho on Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:09 pm

SIW: Global Conquest

2008-06-15 23:25

Welcome to SIW
Phantom Against Blaster
Medos speakes
Bafana Against Dado
Underberger�s Open Challenge
SIW United Champ & Contender Tag Together
Who's macho
The Don Takes On The Masculado
The Challange is on
Underberger VS D4rkAng3l
Requesting a match
Medos Enters The Ring
Global Conquests gets a new superstar
Austria Vs America
SIW Sponsors
Dead End tries to stop Biggy
Medos meets with Sttgg and Neko
SIW World Title Match
The End

Tickets Request: 6.739
Tickets Sold: 6.739
Tickets Income: 67.390 fantaeuros


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