Card for 08/06/08

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Card for 08/06/08

Post  NekoWho on Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:23 pm

SIW: Global Conquest

2008-06-08 22:00

Medos Welcomes The Fans
The First Match is announced
Brand Trade Match 1
The Second Match is announced
Brand Trade Match 2
Cody Talks To Medos
Medos Is In An Stipulation
The Third match is announced
Brand Trade Tag Team Match
Medos meets Highfly Kuskis and Abiss
Match Of Champs
Medos announces the Gauntlet
SIW World Title Match 1
Gauntlet Prepare 2
SIW World Title Match 2
Gauntlet Prepare 3
SIW World Title Match 3
Another Gauntlet Match!
SIW World Title Match Revenge
End Of Show
Tickets Request: 7.571
Tickets Sold: 7.450
Tickets Income: 74.500 fantaeuros

I know it was a little late and the commentary is....ermmm you got the point Smile
Anyway it's not bad for a first season show ( i mean on fantas)


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Re: Card for 08/06/08

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:44 pm

Didn't quite work because now it shows Medos is worrying bout cage match during the segment where he sees Kuskis and Abiss


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