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Ticklers Bio

Post  Tickler on Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:30 pm

Wrestler Name: Tickler
Wrestler Level: 6
Wrestler Type: Resist
Wrestler Height: 6'3
Wrestler Weight: 503
Wrestler Age: 20
Willing to Tag: Sure why not
Wrestler's Origin: Ireland

Hailing from Ireland, morbidly obese, loves to eat and make people laugh. Has a horrible temper and extremely violent when pissed off.

As a child, he was always referred to as a class clown and often picked fights with his peers especially when being made fun of about his weight. His parents were Circus performers and often away, they were horrible, abusive parents and only fed him boiled potatoes. In his Teenage years, he became sick of his parents and school and ran away joining a Circus as a Clown. One day while performing he was trampled over by an Elephant, he sustained severe brain damage. Months later he became angry at a fellow clown and beat the hell out of him while doing a performance, the crowd went wild, but he was kicked out of the Circus and never allowed to return.

Angry, Jobless, and Homeless he saw an Ad in the Newspaper under the job section that was advertising a wrestling school. He joined and quickly became there best wrestler. The rest is history. clown

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